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What have YOU learned through the years as a parent of a child with Down syndrome ?

The day my son was born is such an indescribable display of bright lights and dark bleakness that there is no word s...

What would happen if people with Down syndrome ruled the world?

Dennis McGuire, PhD
Adult Down Syndrome Center of Lutheran General Hospital
Park Ridge, Illinois

To my son on his 24th Birthday

By: Ingrid Bizio

Meet Tylen Mivauhn Blue

Meet Tylen Mivauhn Blue

Words of Encouragement

Words of Encouragement

Letter From the Heart

Letter From the Heart

An Open Letter to A Troll

An Open Letter  to A Troll

What is your advice to new parents?

Advice from Parents of children with Down syndrome

Improve Your Child's Vision

Down syndrome: A Day to Day Guide

Some Super Heroes Don't Have Capes... They Are Called Dad

Some Super Heroes  Don't Have Capes... They Are Called Dad

Be Inspired - Spotlight on Fulton Olivier

Be Inspired - Spotlight on Fulton Olivier


By: Alicia Keye

Photos of Kylie captured by Picture People

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