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Coming to terms: Walking the Line

By Tricia  from Life Is Beautiful

For me, my journey with Down syndrome has been like walking a line.

The day that the doctor told us he suspected that our daughter has Down syndrome, that line was as thin as a thread.

There was no way I could walk it.

I fell, and I fell hard.

Kamdyn's diagnosis turned my world upside down. It feels so unfortunate that it happened that way, but it did.

I was floundering and lost.

As I walked, that line got a little wider, but I still fell pretty easily.

When she didn't smile, sit up, or crawl when other babies did, I stumbled again.

But she always brought me back, showing me that she would get there, little by little.

We were doing it together.

Looking back now, I am so grateful for that experience and everything I learned through it.

Kamdyn's first birthday came, and again, I fell hard.

I had so much guilt over how I handled her diagnosis and that line got really thin again.

So I did what I felt was the only option. I embraced the journey that I had been on and handed the rest over to God, and I kept walking. And while I didn't celebrate her when she entered this world, I can celebrate her now.

As I did that, the line grew and grew.

Today, it takes a pretty hard blow to knock me down. I've come to see the world differently over these last 4 years.

I no loner look at my daughter and wonder how she will fit into a world that is different from her.I look at the world, and I ask it: How will you change so that you can have the privilege of seeing all that this person, and those like her, have to offer.

Now that I have Kamdyn, I feel permanently tied to this thing we call "disability".

I want to know more about it.

I want to fight for it.

I want to change the world for it.

I want to change other people's perception of it.

I don't see disability as a negative thing any more. It's a part of life. And I am proud to be a small part of it.

Being part of the Down syndrome community can be referred to as being part of a "tribe". Because it is.

Down syndrome brings us together. It connects us and gives us a common goal and interest. I like that.

And for Kamdyn, it makes her an automatic member of a community. And a pretty awesome community, at that.

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