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Your flaws are the best thing about you!

By: Vera Kasi

Dearest fellow human being,

Perfection doesn’t exist.

We are perfect as we are, with the imperfection that we have. Nobody, not even the most awakened human being is flawless.

We are all in the very same boat, some more aware of the ocean it’s floating in, but still the same one.

The one you look up to – the wise guru, the leader, the speaker, the preacher – they too have weak moments, moments of fury, moments of disappointment, tiredness, temptation, and impatience.

Perfect is unnatural.

Flawed is natural.

I don’t see why we should portray ourselves any other way. But we see near-flawless people everywhere around us 24/7. When did you last see a public figure truly – and I mean truly – share genuinely? OK, some do. But it’s quite unusual.

I think the greatest of the speakers and motivators would be even greater (more helpful) if they showed us their flaws, shared their dilemmas and problems.

Why not “come out” as the real and normal fellow human beings that we all, of course, are? Why not be open about our imperfections? Why not acknowledge the organic and original beauty in us?

Please don’t tell me we’re all going to bow to the fake perfect image that we see in advertising, on our Facebook profiles, on the TV, in the streets, on the web.

Your life here on earth is not about being perfect.

The way you were born is YOU, and that’s the way you’re supposed to be. Flaws and all. Why would it be any other way?

Perhaps those imperfections, the ones you think are flaws – are really the best thing about you. The features in you that you can not hide, that you can not run away from – use them for the good.

If you dilute yourself, nothing real is left to be leveraged for yourself and for others. Don’t go believing the message of perfection.

Take me for example: (I say this with self-love and a little bit of humor.)

I was a rather honest, direct, stubborn, genuine and - well – bossy kid. I called my parent’s bluff. I told people “how it is”. I was scolded for it so I learned to try and hide it. But I’ve concluded that there’s just no way I can mask it all successfully.

If I try, it comes out all wrong. So, I decided to be my direct, honest, and perhaps even bossy self. Make that work for something meaningful and good. If there’s a God, a greater creator – this is who they created. Did they make a mistake? I doubt it.And even if there wasn’t “a greater”, still, why wouldn’t I leverage these traits for something pleasant and meaningful.

Something that makes me feel good about myself. Something that could help others. Why the heck not? Right here I am being my genuine real self. With good intentions. What is so bad about that? Nothing I tell you. Nothing at all.

In music, there’s a term – humanize. I did my master’s in digital media, and took a lot of digital sound production courses. I haven’t done the “hands-on” for years, and this might be an overly simplified explanation of “humanize”: When you digitally create the drum track (often before the others) it is perfectly flawless, perfectly mathematical, perfectly symmetrical. As such, it’s not appealing to the human ear. (This is a known fact, not an opinion.)

So you add the “humanize” effect to the track. It moves things around mathematically just enough to make everything imperfect enough to make it sound human.

I truly believe that genuine human-ness is what makes us appealing. We hold in us and resonate everything, all the variants of energy. That’s what makes the energy colorful and chaotic. In a good way. (Think of chaos theory says the inner geek in me).

You need to follow the highest possible path for you. Become the best possible version of you. But this does NOT mean perfect.

Quite on the contrary. You make mistakes. You have shortcomings. You’re irritating. You’re irritable. You’re all kinds of odd and negative things. That’s fine.

Find a way to embrace the worst in you, and make (at least some of) it the best in you. It makes no sense to hide those traits.

You can’t truly discover the best of you without being the real you. In order to appreciate yourself, to understand what’s best about you, and to leverage it in the utmost powerful and positive way, you need to be the true to yourself. What is it that YOU can offer to the world?

You will never resonate genuinely with the world, and receive the best possible truth back from the world if you are not the real human being that you really are.

We need open dialogue. Share the truth. Let people see your unique vulnerabilities and oddities. Yes, there’s a risk in “baring it all”. You might be rejected. People might “boo” at you. But I don’t think that will be the case. Perhaps you just didn’t meet your true fellows yet. Maybe you’d meet them sooner if you really were your real flawed self.

Let’s connect with each other in a deeper way, and allow each other room to grow. I suggest we consider consciously choosing to favor all things that have a genuine, imperfect human core.

Think of the ease of existing!


1. make (something) more humane or civilized.

2. give (something) a human character.

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