Be Inspired - Spotlight on Fulton Olivier

Be Inspired - Spotlight on Fulton Olivier

My name is Fulton Olivier but people call me FJ. I am 18 years old and I have Mosaic Down syndrome.

I was raised in Abbeville, Louisiana. I was raised pretty good but I came across many challenges in life.
When I was in 7th grade I moved to a little town called Grand Chenier. The impact on me from there was great. South Cameron High School is where I went.

I loved that school with all my heart and I had many friends.

I came across a big challenge in life my senior year. My mom and step dad got a divorce. I was very upset about leaving. I moved back to Abbeville and went to North Vermilion High School.
The biggest challenge was to meet new friends. After a few weeks there I liked the school and I had made some good friends. I graduated in 2013.

My sister had a friend that was in Special Olympics Louisiana (for people who have down syndrome, autism, and other special needs.)

I play basketball, softball, and volleyball. There are other sports but those are the main 3 that i do.
There are two type of players: the athletes, like me and the unified partners (the ones that dont have special needs). We play games inside the court.

What the unified partners do is they help the athletes with where to go and what to do and not to do. The whole point of the game is that we have fun.

This was by-far the BIGGEST impact on me. I met many new friends.

In fact, I am soon going with some other athletes to a seminar in Lake Charles, Louisiana where we are going to speak about what our special needs are and how it affetcs us

"My advice to parents: Always respect people that have Down syndrome. Some times they may not know what you are talking about so you need to be specific. Also, be careful about what you say around them, they many take it seriously" - Fulton Olivier

Softball Season ( left to right): Johnathan, Aaron, Chris and Fulton on the right.

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