Letter From the Heart

Letter From the Heart

A year ago today, exactly at 12.40hrs, we were gifted by your sacred presence in our life and you unleashed a kind of love that one may only feel but not state.

You are the greatest, most sacred gift we have ever received and we feel honored to share our life with you. Being your parents is our most important role. The original promises we had may seem unnecessary today because you taught us how to trust our own instincts when caring for you.

Some people may say that we are doing it wrong, we listen politely. We followed our heart with you in the last 365 days and, we might be wrong, but it seems that the purposeful crazy dancing, singing, screaming, acting, laughing, jumping and playing is working.

We wish they would be timeless, infinite and significant; if not, we promise to remind you.

This is difficult, very difficult, but we promise to hold you, but never to hold on to you. You are so difficult to detach from, but we will work on trusting you to navigate your own life.

We will help you discover your uniqueness, though you are so very perfect the way you are.

Our aim is to teach you values, traditions, respect, confidence, rituals, meaning and the importance of time, freedom, forgiveness and peace to feed you for a lifetime. But, most importantly we wish you to LOVE, to LOVE with limitlessness to gender, age, color, class, status, disability and any other form. Just LOVE.

Finally we will always, always remind you of the infinite miracles you taught us to see. Miracles we were blinded from seeing before. You inspire us to love, to nurture and to create a better world.

We love you loads and loads and we wish you greatness for the year 2017.

Daddy Steve and Daddy Kris


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  • Ingrid Bizio - February 16, 2017

    Thank for sharing this!! What a lucky little on to have such loving daddies!!!

  • Charlean - January 06, 2017

    This is very beautiful. As a grandmother of a special needs child I am feeling a lot of things that you were able to put into words. Thank you.

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