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  • Name: Kylie
  • Age: 4 years old
  • From: Massachusetts
  • Favorite Food: Nilla cookies, Goldfish, Apples, Mac n cheese
  • Favorite Movies: Wreck it Ralph, The Cat in the Hat
  • Favorite Past Time: Singing and Dancing to any type of music with her favorite stuffed wolf, Mr. Wolfie
  • Best Friend: Her big sister, Aila

Kylie is an awesome and caring little sister to her older sister, Aila, who is 6. She is such a blessing to our little family and has helped my husband and I smarten up and "grow" up.

Kylie is now in her 2nd year of Preschool. We have been very lucky in that she does not have any health issues and was also born that way.

She is just an amazing amount of love that we are so lucky to have.

I love her ways of showing those who don't understand what Down syndrome what it is. She is able to change their perspective and show them that it is not a burden but a blessing.

If I have to share any words or wisdom it would have to be to love your child for who they are. Let them grow into their little personalities and let them show you what their hearts can do to help change the world.

If those above didn't believe I would be strong enough to be her mommy they wouldn't have given me this little girl with such love and such a big heart!

Things may be rough at times but her smile and strength always guide us through.

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  • Hi, Kylie is such a beautiful angel. I looked at the pic and did a double take. She looks stunningly like our Taylor who is 8 and also a beautiful angle. God bless you all.

  • I have a grandson who has Down Syndrome. The love and happiness he has given to all our family is truly remarkable.

    Jayne Mitchell
  • I am 33 and I have downs syndrome myself.

    Stephanie Buteyn

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