Advice from Parents of children with Down syndrome

Advice from Parents of children with Down syndrome

Edye Rose, is 2.5 from Lynchburg, VA She loves anything Elmo and Signing Time Videos.

Best Advice from Parent(s): "Love your child's diversity and never let their diagnosis dictate what you think they can or can't do. They will surprise you every time!" - Dawn Shackelford

Meet Keeley Zinn, 3, from Post Falls, Idaho. Keeley loves spaghetti and her favorite movie is Frozen.

Best Advice from Parent(s): "Every child with Down syndrome is unique and individual, like all children. They have their own path and it is a fantastic journey as a parent, helping them to get there as well as the rest of the village it takes to help along the way."

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Jacob is 4 years old and from Macon, Georgia He loves Mac and Cheese and his favorite Movie is Letter Factory.

Best Advice from Parent(s): Don’t think of Down Syndrome as your child; just love them and treat them as you would any other child. Enjoy each and every day with your child because there is nothing in the world that time doesn’t touch. On your path you will find strengths you never knew you had, and you will fall in love with your special miracle over and over again. After all, they are the closest thing to heaven that you will ever reach here on earth. Be patient………… good things come to those who wait.


Kayde is 3 years old and from Port Hope Ontario, Canada. He loves pizza, cheese, french fries and peanut butter sandwiches. His best friends are his siblings.

Best Advice from Parent(s): We all are a different shade of the same painting. Every one EQUALLY important part of the bigger picture being created!

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  • Salete - December 19, 2016

    I have a little girl Aurea with Down Síndrome and she is the most smart and wonderful girl in the world… we from Portugal, and we are happy with our child

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