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What Life is Really About...

As I sat next to our daughter's bedside at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, it reminded me about how precious life really is. Our five month old daughter Aubrey happened to be born with Down syndrome and as with a large percentage of kids with Down syndrome, she was born with an ASD and a VSD (two holes in her heart). We were told she needed surgery, and so she recently had open heart surgery to fix those holes.

During her surgery, my wife and I waited on the 15th floor for what seemed like an eternity. Every time the door opened, we wondered if everything was okay. The staff updated us regularly and after about five hours we got the best news ever: The surgery was a success! We cried and held each other tight. Soon after that, we got to see Aubrey.

A little more than 24 hours later, I captured the exact moment my wife got to hold our baby girl for the first time since the surgery. Pure joy!

This is what life is about!

During my numerous hours at the hospital, there was not much to do.I watched countless hours of CNN and read many online papers, almost hourly. I kept seeing and reading the same stories: Richard Sherman's Rant, Toronto Mayor Does It Again, Is Pot The Same As Alcohol, The Bachelor Running His Mouth....

I wish the "News" was more positive. But, unfortunately, there are so many negative things happening in our world today. I wish we saw more articles that focus on the amazing things that are occurring in our daily life. How about recognizing the amazing surgeons that made Aubrey's surgery a success, or even the surgeons all over the world that perform miracles daily. What about all the nurses that have helped Aubrey, and all the other nurses across the world that help children in need of help.

It is people like them that we should be reading about and not some overpaid athlete running his mouth, or a mayor that should not even get a second of airtime to boost his ego.

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  • Our daughter, who is now 9 years old, has Down syndrome and also had surgery at 5 1/2 months. I love your post and can relate. The perspective that experience has brought to our lives and the perspective that she brings to our family is just amazing. She is an angel on earth who makes everyone she comes into contact with a better person. I remember the fear and concern through her surgery and recovery. I also remember coming home after the surgery and watching her develop and thrive. Our surgeons, nurses and those families that we met throughout that process were amazing and filled our lives with hope, love and sincere care. Those are the people that we need to hear more about.


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