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Wonderfully Made: A Memoir Of Unexpected Joy

The last thing I thought about when I was expecting is special needs. The last thing I accepted after my youngest was born is that he had Down syndrome.

In the months that followed, the last thing I would do is accept the bleak outlook that he had been so innocently born into.

I rejected the medical literature that prepared me for a lifetime of endless suffering and heartache, and I searched high and low for the testimonials; the happy endings; and the inspiring true stories of other parents who had been down this same road. 


This is a story about my journey



  • "As the younger sister of a wonderfully made person, thank you! I cannot tell you how much your memoir meant to me. We lost my sister last year at 47 1/2 years. My parents were told she wouldn't live to 2, then she wouldn't go to school, then she wouldn't graduate, then she wouldn't hold a job. She surpassed all of those "won'ts, can'ts, and couldn'ts, wouldn'ts". Just thank you so much for sharing your love and joy."  
  • "Honest and easy to read, Sabrina's love for her children spills out of this book. A copy of her story should replace those dreadful hospital brochures she describes."  
  • "I could relate to your emotions so many times. Thank you for sharing your story. You have inspired me too. I will be looking into your website and see what I can do in my own community to help those in my community who have new children diagnosed with Down syndrome. I too feel that the pamphlets they give you in the hospital are more hurtful than helpful."


Wonderfully Made: A Memoir Of Unexpected Joy 

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