Lydia is so excited to be getting her very own custom name blanket!


So here’s the deal. Lydia is on the Waiting List and there are A LOT of other awesome kids waiting, too. She can be patient, but if we’re able to raise $79 to sponsor her blanket, she won’t have to wait at all!

You can contribute any amount below and don’t forget to share this page with your friends! All contributions are reflected in US dollars. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Special Miracles?

Special Miracles is a mission-driven company committed to promoting Down syndrome Awareness and putting a smile on the faces of loved with with an extra chromosome. We know your personalized blanket is going to someone special. Be assured they will cherish their new blanket for years to come.

Is Special Miracles a non-profit?

Special Miracles is a for-profit social enterprise which means creating a social impact mission directly into its business model. Doing good is the core of our business, not just something that happens along the way. Our growth is a means to greater impact. Here’s the breakdown: Once you nominate someone for a Blanket, we then custom design it and provide a Campaign page through a personalized crowd-funding tool—all you have to do is share it. $79 funds your own Blanket, and any additional money raised helps us deliver Blankets to other Special Miracles on our waitlist. This ensures everyone who is nominated receives a Blanket, no matter what.

Who can receive a Blanket?

Anyone is eligible for a nomination. We welcome individuals of all ages with or without a diagnosis. We celebrate the diversity of each and everyone of you!

Our Blanket was sponsored, then what?

Once your Campaign is funded we will notify you and begin working on the production side of things. Typically, you should recieve your blanket within 7-10 business days after the campaign ends.

Can I see some other blankets?