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    Tired of fundraising with generic items like candy, cookies and candles year after year? then our selected one of a kind products are an easy, profitable and unique way to raise funds.


    You can sell our custom designed products at buddy walks, parent events , hospitals , conferences...you name it! With high profit margins and because our products are of such great quality they are easy to sell.

    We can also create custom charms, magnets, key chains, zipper pulls, t-shirts, shoes and car decals all with your logo, expression or symbol on it, thus giving you a diverse product line to sell. We will donate all the graphic design, mould fees and production fees to you, so there is no charge to create your custom items. You can pre-purchase items to sell or we can send you order forms for you to collect orders. 

    Production time varies depending on the item you choose. Below are some great examples of what other organizations such as yours are most interested in.  





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