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    My son was born with Trisomy 21. I was almost 39 on February 04, 2014 when I had him.

    I knew early on in my pregnancy through genetic testing and visits with various specialists that he would be born with Down syndrome. By then I was also a mother of three girls.

    I immediately began researching Down syndrome. I was confident that I would be able to handle it all on my own, however, I quickly grew nervous, scared and uncertain.  Here was a tiny human being who would be depending on me for protection.

    I reached out to many support groups and organizations and realized that there was a whole community out there, more like a family, willing to lend a hand. We were blessed that he was born with no major complications and did not need any surgeries.

    However, he does have tubes in his ears and has had his adenoids removed; he also struggles with low muscle tone.

    My son has brought such great joy and happiness into our lives as a family and individually.  He is currently in school, participates in many different events and has even walked the runway in a fashion show.

    Hello world, meet Tylen Mivauhn Blue, my special miracle.